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Sublime Group is a leading global investmentquantitative trading and strategy management firm that provides a wide range of services to a substantial and assorted client base, predominantly in the Crypto Asset Industry

We have built an exceptional team of highly skilled and diversified individuals from across the world, consisting of over 30 employees located remotely from the USA to Bali. Their spectrum of qualifications and expertise include mathematicsphysicsmachine learningquantitative trading and strategic planning

We strive to help our clients understand and manage challengesstrategize and efficiently execute plans related to their token economics on secondary markets

$0.5 billion

Over $0.5 billion of volume in 12 months

1.5 million

Over 1.5 million trades in 12 months


46 Clients in 12 months


Core Service Model

Sponsored (or Token) Liquidity Provision

Our goal  is to guarantee / generate liquidity for your token and optimize value of token over the long term, contracted through your ICO / tokenized project.

Exchange Liquidity Provision

Our goal is to provide more liquidity across various pairs on an exchange and to increase traded volume on the exchange. All contracted through your exchange.

Services Breakdown

Exchange Liquidity Provision

Sponsored (or Token) Liquidity Provision

Leverages our proprietary machine learning models and automated trading backend to ensure that our partner’s order books are in parity with the market and both deep and “thick” enough to ensure a consistent and pleasant user experience

Order Book Management*

Onboarding Sublime Group's Existing

Token Liquidity Provision Clients*

Clients are very open to list on partner exchanges which leads to instant liquidity, brings new users and generates significant volume

Bespoke Package Deals and Discounts For

Tokens Listing on Our Partner's Exchange*

Offer discounted liquidity provision pricing to tokens listing on Partner Exchanges in return for being their recommended or preferred liquidity provider

Marketing Assistance

Utilize our hundreds of verified accounts across social media to skyrocket your reach and interaction

Sponsored Liquidity Provision

Increases trading volume by  using machine learning models to algorithmically provide liquidity and encourage trading. This leads to organic price stabilization and appreciation.

Treasury / Token Consulting and Management

Through years of experience we have a unique understanding of token / digital economic dynamics and are ideally equipped to advise on how to manage and leverage a companies token price and reserve

Trade Execution Optimization

Sublime Group leverages recent developments in reinforcement AI models to train dynamic models to execute trades within a set time frame at the cheapest price while minimizing market impact, slippage and trading fees

Exchange Consultation & Assistance

Take advantage of Sublime Group's relationships with established exchanges along with our respected brand as a Liquidity Provider to both fast track and discount listing

Client Journey

To Infinity and Beyond

Client specific, measurable and dynamic KPIs established and documented

Technical Integrations


Dashboard and Marketing Systems

Define Goals and Expectations

Feedback Cycle

Set up, test and launch desired algorithms

Illustrate potential value of partnership and determine terms (exchanges, inventory etc)

Tailor live dashboard and reporting mechanisms

Continuously generate reports and evaluate performance against goals and strategy to ensure client satisfaction

Exceed goals and expectations


Our Management Team


Rishan Bhagowat

Chairman of the Board & President

Rishan is an entrepreneur at heart and has set up, scaled and exited several successful multinational businesses since completing his studies and board exams in Actuarial Science. His passion and expertise lies in connecting life changing technology with capital to bring more joy into the world. Rishan is an angel investor in DroneClouds and RYDE Inc and serves on various boards of companies which share his vision.


Matthew Engel

Business Development Officer

Matthew has a BS with Honours in Risk Management and brings his professional experience as a logistics specialist, site expansion team leader, and new hire orientation trainer for  the multi-billion dollar Industrial Supplier McMaster-Carr. His tenure as the US Community/ Business Director for Achain smart-contract platform gives him a deep understanding of blockchain technologies, and a previous position in sales/ marketing with a US based Green Energy Provider gives him a great advantage in emerging markets.


Dr. Andrew Granger


Andrew is skilled in mathematics, data analytics and software development. After his BSc, he interned at the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (NYSE Liffe) before pursuing an MSc and PhD in Theoretical Physics. He launched successful digital marketing and e-commerce ventures during the latter which he continued after graduating. In 2015, he began trading and investing in cryptocurrency and later helped create the algorithmic trading and market making arm of Sublime.


Matthew Gildersleeve


Matthew is a former Royal Air Force Intelligence Officer with extensive leadership and management experience. He has a proven ability to make tactical decisions in time sensitive crisis situations, execute and plan operations and deliver strategic vision. He graduated with merit and distinction respectively in an MA in Intelligence and International Relations and an MSc in Leadership and Management.


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