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About Sublime Group

Sublime is a crypto focused financial technology firm and a pioneer in global investment, quantitative trading and strategy management in decentralized finance (DEFI).

​We have built an exceptional team of highly skilled and diversified individuals from across the world, consisting of over 30 employees located remotely from the USA to Bali. Their spectrum of qualifications and expertise include mathematics, machine learning, quantitative trading, strategic planning, artificial intelligence, and smart development. 

Meet The Team

Rishan Bhagowat
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Rishan is the CEO and Founder of Sublime Group, and is an active global tech investor and serves on the board of several companies. Having studied and completed his BBusSci degree at The University of Cape Town, Rishan is not only a qualified actuary but also an artificial intelligence specialist and a serial entrepreneur. Having built and sold several successful businesses which included the use of his own proprietary AI technology, used by several multimillion-dollar corporations.

Rishan first began mining Bitcoin in 2013 and has since been a pioneer in the crypto space. Sublime group was one of the first providers of market making tools in the crypto space. Utilizing his knowledge and experience in the Crypto/Defi space, Rishan regularly participates and contributes to the code of several major protocols’ smart contracts. Idle hands make idle minds and Rishan continues to keep busy by managing one of the first Defi private investment vehicles.

Rishan’s passion and expertise lie in connecting life altering technology with capital in order to bring about change to the world.

Dr. Andrew Granger

Andrew is the CTO of Sublime Group. He is skilled in various subjects including mathematics, data analytics and software development. After completing his BSc, he interned at the London International Financial Future and Options Exchange (NYSE Liffe) before pursuing an MSc and PhD in Theoretical Physics. While completing his PhD, Andrew launched successful digital marketing and e-commerce ventures and continued to grow both professionally as well as personally. In 2015, Andrew began trading and investing in Cryptocurrency and later joined Sublime Group.  With his background in data analytics and software development as well as his experience in the crypto asset industry, he was the perfect person for continued growth within Sublime Group. Andrew helped create the algorithmic trading and market making arm of Sublime Group, and with his professional input, the company continues to grow.

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