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Business Lines


Decentralized Finance

 Private Investment Vehicle 

Investment Objective

We seek a market neutral position and generate stable, consistent, highly attractive returns while bearing negligible principal capital risk while taking no crypto exposure 

Mitigating Principal Capital and Counter Party Risk

The Principal Capital will be held in a market neutral stable coin position at all times, removing cryptocurrency volatility risk. Counter-Party Risk is minimized or eliminated through the use of smart contract technology and strict security protocols.

Identifying and executing unique high yield market opportunities

Combining AI technology, sophisticated market knowledge, mathematics and years of experience, we are able to consistently identify the highest yielding opportunities.

Long Term Investment Opportunity

This combination of decentralisation, resiliency, transparency, and immutability on a trustless protocol is the future in fintech.

Quantitative trading algorithms

Quantitative trading algorithms

Cryptocurrency markets provide several advantages for algorithmic traders. First, cryptocurrency markets naturally have much higher volatility than traditional markets, creating bigger fluctuation in prices and opportunities for traders. Cryptocurrency markets also are open for business 24/7, further expanding the universe of opportunities for automated trading.

Sublime with its team has developed a proprietary Quantitative trading algorithm that focused on the leading and major crypto currency exchanges such as Huobi and Okex. At Sublime, we believe that active trading is both viable and profitable in such markets and can produce superior risk-adjusted performance relative to a passive HODL attitude. We are confident that despite the high volatility risks which cryptocurrency traders face, our research and method can perform to actively reduce downside price movements risks.

Market making algorithms

and services

We provide a volume, liquidity, and velocity algorithm that offers

Coin Acquisition

Leverages our algorithm with minimal market impact and vis versa to ensure that our partner’s order books are in parity with the market and both deep and “thick” enough.

Sponsored Liquidity Provision

Increases trading volume by using machine learning models to algorithmically provide liquidity and encourage trading. The algorithm is directionally agnostic, this leads to organic price stabilization and appreciation. in high-frequency trading and provides order-book depth to allow market participants to buy and sell large quantities of the token without moving the price and to ensure a consistent and pleasant user experience. It detects irregularities in the marketplace and corrects the off-market prices to create a correct and fair market.

Market making algorithms and services

Elevate Your Blockchain Security with Sublime Group's Smart Contract Auditing Services

Elevate your blockchain security with Sublime Group's premier Smart Contract Auditing Services. We integrate advanced methodologies like static code analysis, machine learning, and fuzz testing to thoroughly examine your smart contracts, uncover vulnerabilities, and safeguard integrity. Our expert auditors provide practical solutions and guide you through the remediation process, ensuring the resilience and security of your blockchain applications. With our innovative Large Language Model (LLM) and advanced fuzzing tools, we surpass industry standards in detecting and addressing potential threats.

Code Risks

  • Logic Errors

  • Lack of Input Validation

  • External Dependencies

  • Access Control and Permissions

  • Gas Optimization

  • Data Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Time Constraints

  • Upgradeability and Governance

  • Arithmetic Overflow and Underflow

  • Rounding Errors

  • Math Errors

  • Reentrancy Attack Vectors

  • Insufficient Input Validation

  • Flashloan Vectors

Ongoing Risk

  • Facilitate the establishment of Active Security Response Plan: a comprehensive incident response plan with steps to be taken in the event of a security incident, including containment, communication, and recovery procedures.

  • Facilitate the establishment of a robust security maintenance strategy, encompassing consistent monitoring, scheduled audits, and proactive updates to promptly address vulnerabilities and effectively manage potential risks.

Integration Risks

  • Improper usage of external protocols or tokens API.

  • Lack of proper validation and sanitization of data received from integrated contracts.

  • Exposure to potential reentrancy attacks due to interaction with third party smart contracts.

  • Security and reliability of external contracts, known vulnerabilities.

Smart Contract Auditing Process Map

Initial Assessment

Gather contract information, define scope, and identify potential risks.

Code Review

Thoroughly examine contract code, identify errors, and ensure best practices.

Security Analysis

Assess contract for vulnerabilities and weaknesses to prevent attacks.

Final Review and Reporting

Gather contract information, define scope, and identify potential risks.

Vulnerability Remediation

Fix identified issues with auditors' guidance.

Functional Testing

Execute contract to verify accurate functionality under different scenarios.

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